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MAZI – together, common, for each other

“Together, common, for one another” is found in the dictionary under the Greek word “mazi”. Consequently, it stands for our concept. The association MAZI e.V. was founded in late 2018:

  • to promote exchanges with Greek people
  • to inform about social and cultural concerns of the country
  • to initiate workshops and educational activities
  • to organize joint events in Greece and in our region in Germany
  • to provide monetary and material donations against the background of the Greek crisis
  • to support charitable and future-oriented initiatives
  • to generate contacts and cooperation locally
  • to help foster the spirit of Europeanism in the areas and form partnerships from the grassroots level up. 

With all this in mind, we focus on an extensive region in southern Crete, to whose inhabitants we have had close ties for many years..

On the one hand, this website serves to convey basic information (menu items Club, Background, Projects, Water Problem). On the other hand, it should be a platform of current activities, news, appointments, inquiries, etc. as well as a chatroom for exchange, discussion, cooperation and brainstorming (menu items Marketplace and Forum / News). A service section (links / info) completes our website.

Looking at a country and a region with different eyes. Comparing viewpoints and attitudes. Learning from each other and tackling things together practically. Supporting new ways. Helping in specific emergencies. And above all, having a lively exchange of cultures. These are the goals, MAZI e.V. hopes to effect. It would be nice if you, too, participate in one way or another.

We are happy to answer your questions personally. Here are our contact details: info-mazi@online.de / 0049 15 75 – 26 19 392 (Dietmar J. A. Schulte)

Small note: For more personal insights into the work of MAZI, please refer to our “MAZI Diary”, see menu bar.



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