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(Insert  March, 18. 2019)

Let’s do it – Let’s get started …

Since 2008 there is the movement that was founded in Estonia at the time. In 2011, it was transferred to a foundation that now addresses international environmental and social issues related to a lack of waste disposal. This includes the WorldCleanup Days, where volunteers around the world collect garbage in their area.

Let’s do it Greece “, it says on Sunday, April 7, 2019, and also in the area of ​​Lentas on the southern coast of Crete. If you want to get involved, here is the link to the official poster of the local organizers.

(Gina Kraft, Association of volunteer firefighters)

Let’s do it

(Insert February 1, 2019)

Action Project Mountain Village Miamou and more – from May, 25. up to June, 4. 2019 on Crete

In cooperation with the association “Cultural Association of Miamou-Lentas”, MAZI e.V. organizes an extended week of action. The focus is on the cleansing of three plots of land which the association has been overriden in the old village center of Miamou. Later, the crumbled houses will be rebuilt on it.

The project is a start-up of MAZI (more will follow). Kern is a working week of five days à five hours (8-13 clock) followed by lunch together. Over the next few days, other Cretan charitable associations in the region will be introduced. The highlight is a joint festival with live music, dancing, traditional dishes and drinks. Also for the personal exchange with the residents is taken care of.

Detailed information is available at the link bottom down as a PDF file that you can download. You can find out more about the “Cultural Association” under the menu item “Projects” on this website.

For inquiries and registration please contact info-mazi@online.de or call 49 1575 – 26 19 392.

Info paper Action Week Miamou 2109

(Update action project mountain village Miamou, March 13. 2019)

MAZI already has a considerable group of volunteers, for whom flights and rooms were recently booked. In addition, there are other interested parties, but their commitment can only be made on a short-term basis. We were also touched by the sympathy of the population in the region, as shown for example in our room search. Our action as well as our website find a lot of echo. This also makes us confident for the planned water project in the fall of this year.

(Insert 5.02.2019)

O Kípos Mazi / Der Garten Mazi

A symbol for a grown human community and a common future. For a togetherness in the tradition of crafts, agriculture and culture.

Three small gardens: On the edge of Tsigounas, between Ditikos and Papadoyannis, on the outskirts of Lentas. In beautiful places, which are provided by private individuals.

Gradually created by locals as well as visitors of the region. With different vegetation (fruit trees, fruit bushes, other trees, flowering shrubs, flowerbeds, flower tubs). Depending on the whim of the person in charge.

This responsibility is representative of the responsibility for humanity and Mother Earth. One observes the steady development, how everything grows to a good and thrives. For the time of the presence one escapes the everyday stress and the mental disorder in the head.

Furthermore: Seating and tables for contemplative rest, but also for hours together. Small sculptural works of art, pictures. A few panels with short passages (example: I hope nothing, I fear nothing, I am free – Nikos Kazantzakis). Wind chimes (chimes). Maybe older craft artifacts. Other.

The gardens become a place for smaller and larger meetings once off the beaten track. With conversations, music, shared food or whatever else comes to mind. Of course, the common care of each Mazi garden. All in all, one looks at one’s own life and that with one’s fellow human beings from another perspective. Visitors / tourists are definitely welcome (exchange about different living environments).

We are now looking for suitable places and people to participate. Contact: (Gina in Crete) 30 6930108929 / (Didi of MAZI) 49 1575 – 26 19 392