Allgemeine Infos (Main Info)

Foundation and seat

The association MAZI e.V. was founded in autumn 2018. Mazi (Greek) means: together, together. Official seat of the association is Wuppertal, MAZI is declared but open to potential interested parties and members from other German cities and regions. Likewise, the association sees itself as part of a European movement that promotes networking and exchange across the EU.

The target region

The focus of the aspired partnership is a – despite some diversity – grown region in the middle south of the island of Crete: the Messara Plain, the southern Asterousia Mountains and the coastal strip on the Libyan Sea. (See: Background menu / Information about the region) There have been some close contacts with this characteristic area and its inhabitants for decades. These go far beyond the status of holiday relationships.


The status quo of Greece as the weakest EU country does not stop at Crete. Since the crisis of 2010, many years of Brussels-dominated austerity policies have only made matters worse, instead of being effective tools for self-help. Significant economic, social and cultural grievances are the result. Without exaggeration, they must be described as existential, for the vast majority of the population as well as for society as a whole. A change in the situation is hardly to be expected for the future. Rather, the current plans of the European Commission document that international solidarity and cooperation are needed more than ever. This is particularly important in the context of the imminent collapse of the EU and a resurgent nationalism.

Orientation as a base movement for basic movements

Last but not least, the past has shown that a cross-border bottom-up or grassroots strategy is needed to make Europe more democratic and transparent again. With an EU, which finally takes over the interests of its citizens – and not those of banks and corporations. This is also the foundation of the club.

In a nutshell

Communicate with each other, learn from each other, support each other and also give strength. To give shape to another, better Europe step by step. And of course, above all, support the region.

Existing and planned implementations

We rely on a broad, meaningful as well as imaginative commitment. See menu item Activities and submenus.

Contact persons

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