Association of volunteer firefighters …

First protection during fires

Fire and Greece is a tiresome topic. Especially where there is no green grass to be found at the latest in the early summer, the fire danger rises immensely. Whether by carelessness (discarded cigarette butts, senseless campfires) or lightning strike, electric sparks and other, the smallest glow can grow into a huge conflagration within a short time. It becomes particularly explosive when the next official fire station is comparatively almost out of reach for the quick immediate use.

This applies without restriction to the villages on the south coast of the region as well as in the Asterousia Mountains. From Mires, the provincial capital, there are always between 25 and 40 kilometers, this must be done partly on rough gravel roads for the professional fire department. The people on the south coast not far from Lentas, had already started to think this way in 2009. A volunteer fire department for the first fight had to come from. The beginnings of this movement, which quickly culminated in the “Association of Volunteer Firefighters and Environmental Protection, Asterousia”, contains an amusing anecdote in itself. On the initiative of a long-term tourist, a functioning old fire truck was transferred from Germany. Only then it became clear that hardly a Cretan down there had a truck driver’s license for the multiple-tonner. What to do?

Clever, as the inhabitants are, they invented a construction on a car trailer. Equipped with a 1000-liter tank and a high-pressure pump, this was now a two-hour use in the Erstbekämpfung guaranteed.


Through various actions (car washing for a fee, fundraising and more) a second identical vehicle was built. What is still too little for the long-range use. The area extends just over the entire coastal and mountain area and is divided by the association in certain districts. It would be desirable to have a decentralized placement of other deletion tags, but they just have to be financed.

The situation is similar for the health and life-protective protective clothing. Little support is expected from the crisis-ridden official agencies. Sufficient procurement is therefore very laborious. Taking into account how much effort and courage the young volunteer force has made since several times prevented major catastrophes, it is all the more difficult.

Of course, it makes more sense not to let it get that far in the first place. Partly imaginative actions for education and prevention therefore also belong for quite some time to the routine activities of the association. In winter, when the situation is a bit more relaxed everywhere, further education measures by the official fire brigade are on the program.

And finally, one has turned to other areas of responsibility. Environmental protection on a small scale, waste disposal, recycling round off the activity of the association. This not infrequently also on nice action days together with the many tourists on the coast.