Geldspenden (Monetary Donations)

Financial Donates

After a certain key we will send the financial donations to the non-profit associations listed under the menu item “Projects” or to the individual needy. These have to confirm in advance in writing that the corresponding support will be used entirely and exclusively for the charitable purposes or their personal need of assistance. Incidentally, we are also obliged to the local tax office. Any donation received must also be proof of its subsequent use in the sense of our statutes and of the charitable status granted to us.

Financial donations to or through MAZI are, also importantly, tax deductible. We issue corresponding receipts for this. If you have any questions, please contact the club members listed under the menu item “Contact / Imprint”.

Our bank account / account number:

GLS Bank, Account Owner: MAZI e.V.

IBAN: DE28 4306 0967 4026 6292 00

Please note “donation” or “donation project X” (with specific donation)

Material Donates

What is being looked for – what can I offer. Your details please to the following email address:

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