Hilfe bei Bedürftigkeit (Help with Neediness)

Towering unemployment figures, hardly any social welfare, pension cuts and a collapsed health care. The misery in Greece and Crete is rampant. Not a few people do not even know how to proceed.

MAZI also wants to provide help in extreme cases in selected cases. This will be more of an exception, as we can not, of course, substitute for lack of government care. We are here to rely on advice from friends on the island. Illness-related hardship cases in which we can support the acute moment. Old people without family support, whom one way or the other can make life easier. Children of migrants and refugees to give them a little joy in the otherwise gloomy everyday life. This or similar are our selection criteria.

We will carefully examine the specific need. To what extent she really goes beyond the unfortunately commonplace everyday routine. We owe this to the rest of the suffering population, whom we can not help with, as I said.

And we will also give you, the donors, an account. It may well be that here, on this page, we also currently lead, for example, what can be used, for example, donated in kind.