Preliminary note

When MAZI e.V. was founded in autumn 2018, well over half a year of preparation time was behind us. It was important for us to hold a series of talks in the selected region of South Crete and to coordinate with the people there. As a result of these contacts, it has helped us a lot to meet people, clubs and cooperatives who have already taken over some things for themselves. This self-determined and self-organized, usually as a movement from below (grassroots principle) and with much passion.

You can not overstate such activities as they already show a certain change in your thinking. Especially in the social sector, Crete – like some parts of Greece – is still very much influenced by traditional structures, for example, in the village and family. In the agricultural sector (along with tourism as a main source of income), industrial cultivation and short-term profit markets have long shaped thinking and acting. With catastrophic consequences partly for the environment. For both areas, the view from direct self-interest to the (overarching) common and community necessities often means a tremendous leap over one’s own shadow.

A consequence of this: Without exchange and networking, education and further education in an extended framework, financial and material support can only partially help. MAZI therefore deliberately wants to make a “holistic” contribution here. And needs your support of any kind. “When many little people do many little things in many small places, they can change the face of the world,” says writer Stefan Zweig.

You can find out more about the club structure here in the submenus.

With warm regards and a Greek Jassas

Katherina Schmidt (1st chairman)

Dietmar J.A. Schulte (2nd Chairman)