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Mail from WeMove-EU to us, posted here March 6, 2019

The rip-off continues

Hello (…),

We have just learned that Europe’s finance ministers are already deciding Monday whether more than eight billion euros overpaid interest will be reimbursed to Greece – or not. The amount would be enough for six months of health care! The money should have been repaid long ago. But the ministers are slowing down. After all, their states have been cutting interest rates on Greek government bonds for years. Thus, Greece’s population also pays into German national budgets during the crisis. After massive protests from citizens across Europe, the ministers said they would pay back half of the money – but what about the rest of the huge sum? (…)

If in such a small country like Greece eight billion euros are missing, then that is a disaster. The population there suffers for years only under the financial crisis then under a rigorous austerity. Salaries are constantly falling, pensions have also been cut several times and many hospitals only offer basic services. Eight billion euros is a matter of life or death. However, the Greeks are considered by some countries, such as Germany blackmailed: A few days ago, the Greeks were threatened that the billions will be inaccessible for them, if Greece does not return to the actually unacceptable austerity policy. Despite their withdrawal from the troika program, Greece is still under pressure – and our finance ministries are using this debt as a basis for negotiation. On Monday, the ministers must show their colors. Enrich yourself with the distress of the Greeks or help them. (…)

The European Central Bank (ECB) bought Greek government bonds from 2010 on, making it the most important creditor in Greece. At that time, Greece also received the first EU rescue package. As a condition, the ECB demanded that Greek interest rates be kept artificially high – making government bond holders very earning. At first, that was also an advantage for Greece because the ECB completely repaid that interest to the country. But that changed in 2015. At that time, the Greek people voted against further cuts in public spending because their situation was already dramatic. As a punishment, the countries of the Eurozone stopped the repayment of bond interest in Greece – and put the money into their own budget. The overpriced interest rates are paid by a poor population and end up in the often full pots of the richer countries.

That is precisely the kind of injustice we are against and where our movement of citizens can make the difference.

Full of solidarity,

Jörg Rohwedder (Lübeck) Virginia López Calvo (Madrid) Marta Tycner (Warsaw) Alexandre Naulot (Marseilles) Giulio Carini (Rome) – for the entire WeMove.EU team

PS: This is not about money alone – it’s about what kind of people we want to be. Many of us do not want to earn money from Greece. Finance Ministers who continue to call do not speak on our behalf. But Europe stands for solidarity, not for greed and self-interest!

(insert beginning of March)

Annual meeting of the Association of Volunteer Firefighters and Environmental Protection, Asterousia (AVF)

Great scenery on February 18 this year in the Taverna Mythos in Discos. The club had invited to its annual general meeting. And this began with an opulent meal (various appetizers and goat with potatoes from the oven).

The first substantive topic was then the financial report of the year 2018, which was adopted by the members of the association without any opposition. Next, board member Andreas Zaharioudakis introduced in detail our own association MAZI. Bringing people together to organize and support various projects / initiatives for the benefit of the common good in the South Cretan area, as summarized concerning MAZI. Specifically, attention was drawn to the Action Week, which will take place in late May in cooperation with the Cretan organizations. More about these activities for the rehabilitation of the nearby mountain village Miamou on this website under MARKETPLACE / ACTIVITIES … This website and also the local forum were expressly referenced by Andreas.

The club meeting of “Volunteer Firefighters” agreed to support MAZI in its activities. This also regarding another action week at the end of October, which will be about the topic of water shortage. Here are exemplary ways to save water and to collect rainwater practically implemented. This in collaboration with local clubs, with organizations such as DYMOS Gortyna and Festos and also with the University of Crete.

So far to MAZI on this meeting. In 2019, the Association of Volunteer Firefighters will again participate in a cleanup campaign that is initiated by “Let’s Do It Greece”. The deadline for this is April 7th, with garbage collected on beaches, roadsides and riverbeds in several groups. The assembly decided to plant trees along the new (almost finished!) Road between Gerokampos and the Messara. The club will also design, print and hang signs to ask beach visitors (especially campers) to take their garbage and belongings with them – and not leave them there over the winter on the beach, as the storms drive everything into the sea. The club treasury should be filled via donation boxes as well as with a car wash action.

Finally, the new board members were searched for and elected. Two of the founding board members were approved: Manolis Tsapakis and Uwe Kraft both made their offices available after 10 years of engagement – but remain active members. The board members until 2021 are: Andreas Zaharioudakis, Giorgos Sifakis, Spiros Somarakis, Nikos Stamatakis (new officer), Odyseas Tsapakis (new officer). It was especially welcomed that two “younger” people came to the board.

(posted by Gina Kraft)

(Insert Beginning of February)

Action week in mountain village Miamou

Hello everybody. From May 25, 2019, until June 4, there will be an extended week of action in the mountain village of Miamou above Lentas. Three ruins of land are to be cleaned, so that there later can be started with the reconstruction. Volunteers are working for five hours in the morning followed by a meal together. On further days here will be info events , on Saturday evening a big party in Lentas. For more information please have a look in this website under MARKETPLACE/ACTIVITIES …