Projekte (Projects)


In this region of the central southern Crete (but not only there), there are already a number of initiatives and associations that are embarking on a different approach to tackling contemporary problems, and thus to a more realistic, better future.

The structures are different. As a village association, developing new ways of community approach. As a volunteer fire brigade for Branderstversorgung for the region, which also practices environmental protection on a small scale. As a cultural association that wants to fill a partially abandoned mountain village with life again and this linked with potential jobs and return to old traditions. In addition, cares about a still not fully developed excavation site. Last but not least, as agricultural cooperatives that work according to grassroots principles and thereby generate more income than the agricultural industry, which is based on industrial production and market laws.

And there are still some individual fates, which also demand support. For example, people who fall completely out of health care. Old fellow citizens who are on their own. Migrants and refugees for whom no one else can pay.

All this is presented here.

Here are the links to the sub-menus:

Hilfe bei Bedürftigkeit (Help with neediness)

Tsigunas Association

Association of Volunteer Firefighters

Cultural Association of Miamou-Lentas

Cooperative Melitakes

Cooperative Apo Kinou