Konzept (Concept)

Here are a few basic thoughts about the kind of engagement, which is the statute and even more the practice of the club:

Insights instead of prejudices

There has been a lot of talk about the “lazy Greeks”, especially in connection with the so-called rescue umbrellas for the country (which were probably rather laid out for the domestic banks). Many German media have quite generously served the Stammtisch with their own prejudices, which were anything but critical journalism.

To make it short: The Greeks work a lot. The actual weekly working time – less lunch breaks – was 44.3 hours before the crisis, 41 hours in Germany and 41.7 hours in the EU.6 French bank Natixis has an average working time of 1,390 hours per year for Germany in Greece it is 2,119 hours. Greek employees have an average leave entitlement of 23 days a year, the German of 30 days. On average, Greeks retire at 61.9 years, Germans at 61.5 years. The average Greek pension in 2007 was 617 euros a month (Germany: 800-900 euros)

But the Greek attitude to work is different from that of Germans. It is not necessarily glorified. It remains a necessity. Probably the one who can afford a few minutes of freedom. And the separation between work and private sector is far from being as rigid as in Germany. As far as that.

In addition to eliminating these prejudices, MAZI would like to support further insights. Specifically, it says in our articles of association:

“The association pursues its purpose in particular by the carrying out of educational events in Germany (lectures, readings, workshops) and the dissemination of facts and contents (pamphlets, website) for the basic information of the public in particular about Greek history and culture, today’s life forms and problem areas in Greece in the conditions of crisis and global economy as well as innovative and sustainable solutions; In particular, the educational events promote a constructive comparison of views and attitudes, of practice and experience in Greece and Germany. “

A realistic inventory. That makes the access to those people there more true. For example, because it conveys the history, culture and current background of the country and the region.

To become active

Purpose of the association is according to statute also …

“The creation of concrete action opportunities for citizens interested in contacts and assistance for people in need in Greece.”

Specifically, this should lead to, for example, in (also constitutional text) …

“The implementation of German-Greek encounter projects, e.g. Non-touristic suburban excursions in Greece with targeted topics, inviting Greek citizens to specific themed events in Germany, joint cultural events in Greece and Germany. “

Encounter can begin with contacts that we mediate, which initially run on modern communication channels (e-mail, social networks).

Our aim is also to organize events here in Germany that serve both information and entertainment. It also addresses Greeks living in Germany (Wuppertal, for example, has its own “small Greece” with a diverse infrastructure and everyday culture). But maybe we can also invite some friends from our Cretan partner region here and there.

Why not combine a holiday with a different get-together of the region and above all the people there? Thematic travel is also conceivable, if enough people come together for it. Mediated by MAZI and in collaboration with our Cretan friends. To enjoy an exchange on site and “face to face”, as the saying goes. Because apart from all problems and everyday difficulties, the local population is still characterized by an almost overwhelming openness, hospitality and attention. Everything has it’s time.

Community without borders

Permaculture in the countryside and also in communities, for better yield and more self-sufficiency. Daily by the hour help with the olive harvest in alternative cooperatives – to spend the rest of the day then the holiday mood. Specialist support in the use of renewable energies. Participatory educational work for the local population And, and, and … There are many opportunities for active cooperation and international solidarity.

In this regard, MAZI wants to address individuals as well as local initiatives, collectives, specialist companies and more. For mutual exchange with relevant partners in the region and at best for cross-border cooperation. This is definitely a win for both sides.

The grassroots principle: self-initiative, self-determination and self-organization as elements of a movement from below. This too to get away from a Europe of nations to a Europe of regions. We will make suggestions but are all the more grateful for suggestions from outside.

As Che Guevara once said: “Solidarity is the tenderness of peoples.”

Money is important, but not everything

Financial support and donations in kind should form part of the work of MAZI. As we have mentioned elsewhere, this alone is not enough to bring about a truly successful engagement. Therefore, we see such assistance in consistent connection with the activities listed above. Only through such synergy sustainable results can be achieved.

Of course, this does not mean that everyone who donates should be active at the same time. But he and she are cordially invited to convince themselves of the use and success of his financial or material sympathy. By informing him or on site, as a small trip on vacation for example. Financial donations to or through MAZI are, also importantly, tax deductible. We issue corresponding receipts for this. For inquiries, please contact the club members listed under the menu item “Contact / Imprint”

After a certain key, we will send the donations to the non-profit associations listed under the menu item “Projects” or to individual needy individuals. These have to confirm in advance in writing that the corresponding support will be used entirely and exclusively for the charitable purposes or their personal need of assistance. Incidentally, we are also obliged to the local tax office. Any donation received must also be committed to its subsequent use in accordance with our statutes and the status of charitable status granted to us.

One more note: The cooperatives listed under the projects do not receive any funds directly from us, as they are nevertheless profit-oriented companies in all alternative approaches. However, we will support you in other ways (exchange, workshops, cooperation, direct sales and more).

Direct selling

We are in the process of finding ways to trade agricultural and other products (crafts, crafts and more) directly between manufacturer and customer. The saved dealer margin benefits the safeguarding and expansion of the respective companies, workshops or studios. At the same time, however, exchange and knowledge should be communicated to each other, the respective product should be withdrawn from its anonymity. You get to know the people behind it.

You can find out more about this in the future right here.